Bad news – good news

Did I state last week that September had been a good month for stock markets? Well, looking at the above table, one must assume I made a mistake. Let me set the record straight: It was a good month in global equity markets, just not from a £-Sterling perspective. As the UK’s currency recovered some of its previous losses against other major currencies, naturally investment assets valued in those currencies declined in value, even if they rose in local currency terms. The same is true for overseas earnings of UK domiciled multi nationals and, with them dominating the FTSE100, the UK market’s main representative index was down as well

Tory Party shifts left?

For Theresa May and her team, Wednesday’s speech at the Conservative party conference is one they won’t forget for a while. As widely reported (and ridiculed) in the media, her address was marred by several PR disasters and as a result disappointed.

Abeonomics: Japan’s resurgence

A sure sign that economic conditions are improving is when political opinion begins to move up in support of the incumbent government, leading that government seeks to capitalise by means of a snap election. This appears to be the case in Japan. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has taken advantage of currently favourable opinion polls, and has called an early election (for 22nd October). Judging by the latest economic data, the upswing in support for Mr Abe’s government and its economic policies is not without justification.

US tax reform plans – return of the Trump Trade?

Last week, we reported on the muted market response to Trump’s relaunch of his tax reform initiative, and observed that it may be too pessimistic to price in no chance of reform success. One week on, this view appears to be becoming more consensual, and so many commentators are asking: Is the ‘Trump Trade’ back on?

India – from the ground upwards (by Chris Robinson)

I am writing this article from a unique perspective, after recently returning from India on what only can be described as an experience of a lifetime. For many, travelling through (chaotic) northern India may not appear as the best use of two weeks holiday. For me, my intrigue and wish to understand a country experiencing such economic, social and legislative change, combined with its history and natural beauty meant not only would I get a real insight, but also gain an appreciation of what I have become so accustomed to in the developed world.


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