UK wages finally outpace inflation, what’s actually going on?

Last week, we discussed how a lack of meaningful progress on Brexit talks, by either side, left UK growth prospects looking rather soggy. The Bank of England (BoE) believes economic growth will lag behind the Global pace as a result of the lingering uncertainty over Brexit detail.

Italy’s new government puts on the frighteners

Italian debt rose to its highest since October on Wednesday, after a draft coalition agreement between the countries two largest political parties surfaced. Today, with a new coalition agreement being put to the parties’ members, gaining the keys to government is only a matter of days.

Emerging Markets – “It’s so unfair”

Being a parent teaches you a lot about fairness. We encourage kids to behave and tell them that good things would come to them if they do. Of course, the other lesson that children have to learn is that sometimes, no matter how well you behave, you can’t always get what you want. Any parent will tell you that they’re used being told “it’s so unfair”.


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