More sellers than buyers

Last week had news that felt like it should affect markets. Risks were obvious and it was unsurprising that risk assets came under pressure. As we wrote, it was perhaps more surprising that there was such little reaction.

Global monetary policy: not if, but when …

The key economic issues this week were arguably the release of the minutes to the US Fed’s interest rate-setting meeting in July (released on Wednesday), and the minutes relating to the ECB’s recent policy decision on Thursday, which also took effect in July.

Brexit papers and Sterling: What does it tell us?

The Conservative government laid out its vision for post-Brexit arrangements in two key areas this week; the customs union and the Northern Ireland border. A Whitehall paper published on Tuesday detailed the UK’s wish to remain part of the customs union for around three years after the official divorce date, while a further ‘position paper‘ ruled out a hard physical border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


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