Summer low or summer lull?

The past week brought a stabilisation of stock markets, as buyers returned to buy the latest dip. It would seem that despite the looming announcement of the reversal of QE by the US Fed (probably September) investors worldwide continue to have confidence that markets will not collapse as a result.

Latest £-Sterling weakness a bad economic omen?

Rather poetically, just as the symbolic chime of Big Ben fell silent on the capital this week, £-Sterling came under renewed pressure, hitting lows not seen since October 2016.

The world’s central bankers meet at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Those with one eye on central bank news will have noticed a great deal of press attention around a small town in the Western US. This weekend will see the annual Economic Policy Symposium in Jackson Hole, which since 1982 has hosted a plethora of international central bankers, government officials and economists. The central bankers are invariably the key players at the yearly policy forum, to the point where the Jackson Hole symposium has effectively come to be known as a ‘central banker meetup’. The event is even sponsored by the Federal Reserve of Kansas City.

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