Unfortunately, the harsh reality of divorce means not just disentangling your personal lives, but also your financial affairs. This process can often cause even more stress, exacerbating an already difficult time.

One particular area where we can help in the divorce process is in the most appropriate way to share your respective pension benefits, which can often include a transfer of one person’s rights to the other.

We have the appropriate authorisation from the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, and are qualified to provide advice on all types of pension scheme transfers.

In collaboration with your Lawyer, our advisers can analyse the financial information provided by both parties in the divorce proceedings and ensure that it is complete and accurate.  We then identify areas where further information is required and can assist in gathering and interpreting that information, to ensure that both parties’ financial positions is fully understood and how they may be affected by any proposed financial settlement.

Our specialist team are able to prepare an extensive report considering someone’s financial requirements and provide detailed explanations and justifications of any proposed clean-break settlement.

Our advisers will endeavour to secure the most effective financial settlement, which takes account of relevant tax considerations.  They are able to assist in implementing any financial order, such as pension sharing or attachment orders, and can offer advice in respect of all your financial planning needs for the future, taking into consideration your changed circumstances.