Whether you are approaching retirement or in the earlier stages of saving for the all-important later stages of life, it is likely that you will be faced with what can appear to be a bewildering amount of choices or options.

Our in-depth retirement planning experience and specialist expertise can help you cut through the complexities of the pension world and focus on what is really important to you, identifying your needs and aspirations.

Approaching Retirement

It is absolutely crucial to make the right decisions as you approach retirement, as these will make a substantial difference to the quality of your later life and impact upon the legacy you leave behind for your beneficiaries.

What type of retirement product is suitable for you will be determined by an array of different factors. Our retirement planning guidance will help you understand your options and enable you to make an informed decision on what is the best plan for you to achieve the financial security crucial to retirement.

Our annuity service compares the contract offered by your existing provider with that available in the wider market and in most cases we find we can push up your retirement income simply by securing a better rate with a different company. In addition, we consider other factors including your state of health which in many cases can increase the annuity rate offered meaning more retirement income for you.

Ensuring that your death benefit options are in place and reviewing the flexibility of your current scheme to ensure that this wealth can be passed onto the next generation is part of the pension advice service offered by Altus Wealth Management.

Planning for Retirement 

Being well prepared for your retirement has always been important. Never more so than today when flexibilities around the access to pension funds have been introduced and there is a larger demand upon retirement funds as people are living longer.

Making sure you accumulate sufficient financial resources to fund the retirement lifestyle you want and meet needs that arise is likely to take many years. The choice of saving and investment options available to you, and the vast range of different financial strategies at your disposal, can be daunting.

That’s where our specialist expertise, experience and reliability matters most – from designing your retirement plan to regularly reviewing it over the years to ensure it remains on track.

The recent changes to pensions have given people greater access to their funds, but such freedoms should be wisely considered against potential tax implications. Passing on your pension to the next generation by putting into place the relevant nominations and ensuring your current scheme takes advantage of the new rules means that even if you’re in retirement, pension arrangements are worth reviewing.